Packaging - Cardboard Adhesive

ATG DIRECT’s polyamide hot melt adhesives are used to seal the flaps of cases and cartons.

Our adhesives are applied at an elevated temperature to one flap, which is then placed in contact with the surface of the secondary flap. These are then compressed to form a bond that seals the case or carton.

Our unique eco-friendly polyamide adhesives provide a high degree of dynamic strength and fracture resistance, as well as dimensional stability. And have also out-performed the competition in regard to adhering better to different substrates, substrate temperatures, and application temperatures.

Advantages of our cardboard
adhesives include

high degree of wet adhesive strength at different solution concentrations

lower consumption (lower application amounts)

short drying

finished products are easily recycled, thanks to our polyamide adhesives based on soybean oil.

Paper Bag Adhesives

In order to satisfy the demands on paper bag adhesives for the latest nozzle application systems, and the use of specialized papers, we, at ATG DIRECT, use the newest technologies to develop unique products for the packaging industry.

ATG DIRECT is also able to offer custom solutions for any set of requirements on the various types of machines and packaging applications.

Regardless of whether it is a low- to high-speed tube machine or low- to high-speed floor layer, we offer you the optimal solution for each machine type and application.

ATG DIRECT’s packaging hot melt adhesives comply with FDA grade 21 cfr 175.105 for indirect food contact

Polyamide Paper Bag – Adhesive Advantages

ATG DIRECT’s polyamide adhesives are used
worldwide in leading paper bag factories.

Compared to other products, our eco friendly polyamide
adhesives have the following advantages:

Reduced spatter at high production speeds,
thereby reducing cleaning efforts

Excellent wet strength, you can often forgo
wet-strength additives

High degree of wet adhesive strength

Approved for
packaging foodstuffs

Fast and total

Cost savings

Good stability
against dissolving

Uniquely formulated in the utilization of hot
feedstuff, or chemicals/pigments

Low penetration through
highly porous paper

To learn more about our hot melt adhesives for packaging applications, please contact our experts at ATG DIRECT.