Mattress Assembly Adhesives

ATG DIRECT’s hot melt polyamide adhesives make assembling mattresses quicker and easier for joining foam around mattress springs, attaching cushioning foam and insulation to the interior of the mattress body and keeping pillow top cushioning and upholstery fabrics in place.

Our polyamides help reduce a plant’s carbon footprint, and they also increase safety because they produce no harmful VOC fumes, and are non-flammable. They also have a fast cure time, and will be able to help your company increase productivity and efficiencies.

ATG DIRECT’s hot melt polyamide adhesives are used in applications that include foam to foam, foam to textile, textile to textile, and coil to textile.

Our Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesives can be applied in (1) Pattern Spray / Swirl Spray, (2) Bead Application, and (3) Gravure Lamination.

To learn more about our hot melt adhesives for mattress assembly, please contact our experts at ATG DIRECT.