INK Polyamides

ATG Direct offers a wide range of non-reactive polyamide resins for packaging gravure inks, flexographic inks and cold seal release lacquers. The products can be divided into two groups.

Alcohol soluble polyamides

These polyamides are designed to be soluble in ethanol or a blend of alcohols and have very good ester tolerance.

It is generally more compatible with nitrocellulose than the co-solvent or alcohol reducible types and offer better low temperature gel resistance and recovery.

The improved compatibility with nitrocellulose allows the formulation of printing inks with high heat resistance for heat-seal applications.

Co-solvent polyamides

These polyamides are designed to be soluble in blends of alcohols or blends of alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbon co-solvents.
It can be formulated to give systems:

Excellent adhesion

Fast solvent release

Pigment wetting and gloss

Resistance to water, chemicals and deep freeze conditions

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