Air Filter Adhesives

ATG DIRECT’s polyamides are 100% solid, thermoplastic hot melt adhesives.

This means they yield no VOCs, unlike plastisols.

Our polyamides help reduce a plant’s carbon footprint, and they also increase safety because they produce No harmful VOC fumes.

In addition, our polyamides enhance efficiencies by reducing the amount of material needed, and manufacturers are also able to reduce waste and use less adhesive per end cap.

While our polyamides can be used to bond metal end caps to filters, they also can be molded to be their own end caps. This capability can yield further process optimizations.

To learn more about our hot melt adhesives for filter assembly, please contact our experts at ATG DIRECT.

Possessing ideal heat and chemical
resistance for oil filters, our polyamides

help filter manufacturers increase
their output capabilities

while reducing costs overall.