ATG DIRECT was chosen as a 2020 finalist in Packaging Europe’s environmental sustainability awards

ATG DIRECT’s adhesives are based on post-industrial plant waste vs. hydrocarbons or fatty acids grown for that purpose (e.g., pine trees). Our products are not only carbon neutral but also do not compete for agricultural acreage.

Our products compete with and outperform hydrocarbon-based adhesives and have incredible formulative flexibility.

Since our primary raw material is procured from a waste source (vs. harvested via pine trees for that purpose), we have a fundamental cost structure advantage. We can easily compete with large European competitors.

Sustainable and Green Technology

Feedstock Stream: Soybean By-product Oil

Finished Product: Polyamide

ATG DIRECT's polyamides are primarily made from post consumer/post industrial chemicals.

The sludge, in the picture above, is soybean oil via waste/byproduct streams. It is where we derive our oleic acid for dimer acid production. Other large HMPA producers derive their raw materials from pine-based sources. Their feedstock streams extract oleic acid by cutting down pine trees. And EVA based glues are hydrocarbon based as are pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA’s).