About Us

ATG DIRECT is a privately-owned distributor, marketer, and toll manufacturer of various commodities.  Our mission is to understand our customers’ needs and expectations and to provide them with products, services, and pricing that meet or exceed those needs and expectations.


I am pleased you are visiting our website to learn more about ATG DIRECT.  Hopefully, I can help a little, by providing some “behind the scenes” information.  Maybe our paths have crossed in the past, maybe not … so you may not have heard our mission, our goals, our motivation for building a best-in-world commodity trading company.  You may be thinking …“What, another distributor? ” Well, the answer is simple, yet a little complex. Let me explain.


As someone who has successfully managed global commodity trading for multinational corporations for well over a decade, as well as supply chain and operational systems for global manufacturing companies for over 13 years, in 2017 I decided to venture out on my own in an effort to create a commodities trading platform that allows customers to procure raw materials more creatively and competitively through a more transparent, leaner, and decentralized process.  My vision is not to only buy products directly from the most competitive and qualified sources from around the world, but to also provide customers with unique toll manufacturing options, customized quality control (QC) systems – at the factory level - and, last but not least, the best 3PL supply chain solutions.


We genuinely want to keep things simple as we leverage technology, vendors, supply chain, toll manufacturing, and quality control systems. You don’t have to chat with multiple divisions within our company to formulate an integrated services solution; we have built (and continue to develop) expertise, creating deep bench strength around the globe, with a customer-first mentality. We are big on procurement creativity, as well as being lean and decentralized, and we are big on consistency and predictability in all the services we provide. I don’t want you guessing, nor should I. We require visibility, flexibility and consistency for your customers, regardless of where and when the support is needed.


My commitment to you is also simple (I like simple): We want to be your trusted partner that will create and execute as expected anytime, anywhere around the world. I want customers to feel, think and breathe that they have someone helping them.


If that's the kind of commitment you're looking for, give us the opportunity to talk. You never know what good may come.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about ATG DIRECT, and Enjoy the Day!

A Message from the President

Alexander Sekulovski

President & CEO